Webinar: 2 May 2019 – How to build a spreadsheet you can rely on

How to build a spreadsheet you can rely on

Webinar date: Thursday 2 May 2019

Join time: 11am EST / 4pm BST / 5pm CEST (1 hour including Q&A)

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Spreadsheets have a central role in business, yet 70%* of organizations have experienced at least one critical spreadsheet error.

Join our complimentary webinar to learn how to detect and reduce common spreadsheet errors

You will learn how to:-

  • Design a high-quality spreadsheet that meets industry standards
  • Fix legacy spreadsheets
  • Tips on finding errors and checking spreadsheet logic
  • Validate spreadsheets after construction
  • Communicate your findings to spreadsheet users and management

Hear from model risk governance expert, Adrian Maconick

Model risk governance expert, Adrian Maconick.

Adrian has over 20 years experience working for the big four consulting firms, on projects including:-

* Model validation for the first AAA derivative vehicle in London

* Dozens of model review and testing projects

* Design of a global risk process for a top five US bank

* Head of Operations for the EBRD during a period of rapid transaction growth

* The development of FBA, an integrated risk and finance architecture used by leading banks and insurance companies