Spreadsheet Workbench

Access Control, Version History, Audit, Comparisons, Analytics, Workflow

Spreadsheet Workbench is a powerful yet easy to use spreadsheet management solution that allows you to quickly establish improved security and access control, version history and audit capabilities over your business critical spreadsheets.

Key features include:

Full Security and Access Control

Spreadsheet Workbench provides enterprise level security and access control over your business critical spreadsheets. Whether the user is a manager requiring review and authorisation permissions, a data entry user or an advanced spreadsheet developer, the right level of security and access control can be quickly established and maintained through a single sign-on.

Complete Version History
Spreadsheet Workbench User

A full version history is maintained across all business critical spreadsheets including comprehensive information on users, time and date of creation. Powerful roll back capabilities allow previous versions to be re-instated plus full spreadsheet narrative and documentation facilities are provided.

Comprehensive Audit Facilities

Spreadsheet Workbench provides comprehensive audit facilities. All spreadsheet changes are recorded and can be reported and enquired upon.

Powerful Spreadsheet Analytics

Spreadsheet Workbench provides the most powerful set of spreadsheet analytics available. Through a user defined set of selection criteria you can investigate a wide range of errors, conditions and changes that have occurred across the whole population of business critical spreadsheets. Drill down capabilities allow users to investigate issues from summary level right through to individual cell level problems.

Spreadsheet Comparisons

The ability to quickly identify important or material changes is key to efficient spreadsheet management. Spreadsheet Workbench’s spreadsheet comparison capabilities are recognised as the most advanced in the market.

Data Validation

Spreadsheet management is not just about finding Excel errors. Data validation is also as important. The ability to flag important data errors quickly and in a meaningful way can ensure that potentially costly business problems can be addressed quickly and often before they turn into major problems.

Spreadsheet Development

Through its compliance with COBIT standards, Spreadsheet Workbench allows you to establish proper and robust controls around the development of new business critical spreadsheet applications. Whether this is addressing the best practice of segregation of duties, or ensuring that spreadsheets are properly tested before being put into production, Spreadsheet Workbench greatly assists with both with the remediation of existing spreadsheets plus the development of new more robust and supportable applications.

Approvals, Alerts and Workflow

Spreadsheet management is also an opportunity to make spreadsheet processes more effective. By focusing on approval, alerts and business process workflows spreadsheet based processes can become significantly more efficient and less error prone, thus reducing risk and cost.


Spreadsheet Workbench can facilitate the seamless adoption of robust IT controls and procedures into the end user world of business critical spreadsheet applications, ensuring that issues that create operational risk are minimised and spreadsheet applications are more robust, scalable and importantly supportable.

For organizations deploying Microsoft SharePoint, Spreadsheet Workbench provides the most fully integrated solution for managing spreadsheet risk.

Spreadsheet Workbench builds upon the key features of SharePoint and delivers a compliance solution that not only incorporates the powerful spreadsheet control, audit and analytic capabilities of Spreadsheet Workbench but also leverages the content management, business process facilitation and collaboration infrastructure that SharePoint provides.

Spreadsheet Workbench is supported by Finsbury Solutions on all versions of Windows 10.