Spreadsheet Process Transformation

Cost Reduction & Service Improvement

Spreadsheet Process Transformation takes inefficient costly and unreliable spreadsheets and turns them into efficient dependable and scalable applications.

Spreadsheets can be costly and inefficient

Working with spreadsheet based processes can be an ordeal.

They are a major driver of cost

Every spreadsheet has an operator and a complex spreadsheet can consume 50-100% of someone’s time. Across a department this adds up and can often be a significant cost reduction opportunity.

They do not scale

As volumes increase then spreadsheet applications may not be able to cope.

They provide poor service

Standard spreadsheets may be missing critical functionality; functionality that could improve service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

With high costs and poor service levels, manual spreadsheet processes can be a department’s biggest problem.

The top five symptoms of poor spreadsheet processes are:

  1. Inability to scale up important processes as volumes accelerate
  2. Key person risk
  3. Increasing cycle times
  4. Inability to respond to new demands
  5. High staff turnover

Spreadsheet Process Transformation can create:

  • Low cost
  • Scalable
  • Reliable
  • Repeatable
  • Automated spreadsheet processes

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