Spreadsheet e-Distribution

Distribute complex spreadsheet models, collect data from remote locations

Spreadsheet e-Distribution is a robust solution for distributing complex spreadsheet models to end users and for capturing data from remote locations. Spreadsheet models can be published and immediately distributed to the people that need them. Data entered into the spreadsheets is transmitted to a central hub, where it can be collated, validated and fed to enterprise applications.  Spreadsheet distribution can be used capture information from mobile users and remote locations, as well making complex mathematical models available to a wide group of users.

Key Features Include:

  • ‘One click’ publishing of new models
  • Detailed version control of all models
  • Control of who has access to which models
  • Automated capture and transmission of data entered in the models
  • Users such as sales can use the models ‘offline’ and synchronise later.

Spreadsheet e-Distribution can be used for a wide variety of modelling and data capture applications.

Examples include:

  • Distributing complex pricing calculators across the organisation and to remote staff
  • Distribution of new financial product models
  • Transmitting budget input forms to final users
  • Capturing data for a wide variety of users.

Case Study

This global bank has approximately 3,000 relationship managers selling a wide range of banking products to corporate customers.  Pricing calculations are made on spreadsheets, with different spreadsheets for each product group.

The publishing and distribution of spreadsheets is fully automated. Relationship managers click on an icon and it launches the spreadsheet. When they are finished the spreadsheet data is automatically synchronised with the centre. Relationship manager s can discuss pricing with customers on their laptop without have to be online. The next time they connect to the network all the data is automatically synchronised.

The central model development team focuses on developing new models. The models are all under version and access control.  When a model is ready to be published the model development team publish it with a simple wizard. Data is automatically fed to the credit systems.

Key Benefits of the System Include:

  • Near real time model pricing updates
  • Intraday loan approval
  • One version of the truth
  • Significantly reduced support and operating costs