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Spreadsheet Management

Spreadsheet management is moving up the business agenda. Regular scandals have highlighted the risks of spreadsheets. But risk is not the whole story and spreadsheet problems are widely misunderstood. Effective spreadsheet management promises lower costs, better operational processes, higher job satisfaction and a reduction in risk.

If you want to get this right you need to get the foundations secure and create an effective spreadsheet management strategy, put the right plan in place and build the right team.


Spreadsheet & EUC Control Lifecycle

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Spreadsheet applications come in many forms and operate in many industries. Read about some of our industry solutions below:

Finsbury Solutions provides a comprehensive set of easy to use solutions to meet all the stages of effective spreadsheet and EUC control. So whether you are the largest of global enterprises, a specialist firm with a small number of complex mission critical spreadsheet or a professional audit or advisory firm please contact Finsbury now.