Products Overview

EUC Enterprise

Discovery, Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Living Inventory

EUC Enterprise provides powerful discovery, risk assessment and control capabilities across a wide range of EUCs including spreadsheets, MS Access and other BI applications.

EUC Enterprise allows you to;
  • Discover spreadsheets and EUCs that are anywhere in the organization, including file shares, desktops, laptops and remote pc’s, document management systems, and SharePoint
  • Create a ‘Living Inventory’ of all new and changed spreadsheets on an ongoing basis
  • Set control policy to determine spreadsheet risk parameters with appropriate alerts and exception processes
  • Automate risk assessment and prioritization to make it possible to continuously enforce policies, monitoring and controlling thousands or even millions of spreadsheets that would be impossible if done manually
  • Map and control linkages and external dependencies between EUCs and other enterprise applications
  • Manage a wide range of EUCs including MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Reports, BI applications, SQL Server and other databases.

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Spreadsheet Workbench

Access Control, Version History, Audit, Comparisons, Analytics, Workflow

Spreadsheet Workbench brings spreadsheets under enterprise control and provides powerful access and security control, version history, audit trails, spreadsheet comparisons and analytics, approval and workflows.

Key Features of Spreadsheet Workbench Include;
  • An enterprise wide, multi-user, spreadsheet repository with full version management
  • Full security and access control
  • Comprehensive cell level audit trail and exception reporting
  • Powerful analytics for spreadsheet comparisons and spreadsheet audit
  • Advanced data validation
  • Approval and workflows
  • A spreadsheet development framework that enables users to develop robust and scalable spreadsheet applications

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Validation, Issue Investigation, Forensic Analysis, Quality Improvement, Spreadsheet Development

The market leading spreadsheet validation and quality improvement desktop tool designed specifically for auditors, risk managers, forensic accountants and spreadsheet developers.

Key Features of EXChecker Include;
  • Identifies hidden problems in complex, mission critical spreadsheets difficult to detect in traditional spreadsheet development and review processes.
  • Helps detect fraudulent attempts at misrepresenting or concealing data.
  • Flexible templates for automated issue identification – eg Sales Tax or VAT compliance template
  • Creates detailed documentation trail of audit analysis and problem mitigation.
  • Increases efficiency of spreadsheet remediation through summary-level analysis and automated spreadsheet control validation.
  • Streamlines spreadsheet development and validation process through quick detection and fixing of problems during construction of spreadsheet model.
  • Desktop application that analyzes spreadsheets without the need for Excel plug-ins.

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Desktop Spreadsheet Control and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

DaCS provides enhanced spreadsheet control capabilities within a desktop application. As the first commercial product specifically designed to address FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance issues with Microsoft Excel, DaCS has been implemented by more than sixty leading clinical research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other companies worldwide.

DaCS key benefits include:
  • Provides the ability to continue to use the convenience and common functionality of Excel in a compliant regulatory environment.
  • Easy to implement, including the ability to import your current spreadsheets into the secure DaCS environment.
  • Increases security of critical business information through logical security features that control access to DaCS and to each individual spreadsheet.
  • Provides accountability framework including the ability to execute secure electronic signatures within individual workbooks, eliminating the need for signed paper copies.

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