Fast and Effective Spreadsheet Control

Rapid Reduction in Spreadsheet Risk

Fast and effective spreadsheet control is a methodology that quickly and effectively implements spreadsheet control.  Spreadsheet errors are a major risk for many organisations.  However successfully implementing a risk control approach can be challenging.

The challenges are:

CulturalEffective spreadsheet control depends on getting users and IT to actively support the change. This means that both users and IT must be properly trained and supported.

Technical – Spreadsheets introduce technical challenges such as month on month rollover by users, the mixing of code and data, spreadsheet links, and the sheer number of formulae that need to be validated.

VolumesMost organisations have many more spreadsheets than they thought.

Fast and effective spreadsheet control recognises these challenges and addresses them directly. It promotes a step by step approach to implementing control. At each stage risk is reduced and the organisation can focus first on the highest risk items.

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