EXChecker Advanced Validation

Accelerated Data Validation, Issue Investigation, Forensic Analysis, Quality Improvement, Spreadsheet Development

EXChecker Advanced Validation gives you confidence that spreadsheet based data is accurate and properly validated.

It offers powerful spreadsheet analysis, remediation and documentation capabilities in a standalone package, developed for auditors, risk managers, forensic accountants and general spreadsheet users.

Now completely redesigned with a new look, it offers advanced error detection tools and new validation capabilities. Checks, that take hours or days to complete manually in a native spreadsheet, can be done in minutes.

With EXChecker Advanced Validation you can solve a wide range of spreadsheet validation issues including:

  • Validate & test – validate important spreadsheets before publication
  • Spreadsheet audits – find difficult to identify issues in spreadsheets and build confidence that important spreadsheets are working correctly
  • Speed up validation of spreadsheets – by using EXChecker Advanced Validation, the validation work can be reduced from days or hours to minutes
  • Avoid rework – only validate the changes in new versions of the spreadsheet
  • Detect fraud – uncover potential fraudulent activity in even the most complex spreadsheets
  • Accelerate development – detect problematic logic errors in spreadsheet models as they are developed
  • Proof – prove to managers and auditors that a spreadsheet has been validated with detailed supporting evidence

An essential part of any auditor’s or spreadsheet developers’ toolkit EXChecker Advanced Validation streamlines spreadsheet development and accelerates the data validation process through quick detection and fixing of problems during construction of spreadsheet model.

EXChecker Advanced Validation significantly reduces detection time, cost and risk of spreadsheet error or fraud:

  • Simple desktop implementation With one-click installation you can be up and running on any Windows desktop within seconds. As new features become available the software is automatically updated.
  • Validation Evidence the validation work done with a detailed record of what has been checked. Save this as proof of the validation work completed.
  • Validation coverage Show how much of the spreadsheet has been checked, what has passed and failed validation, and the cells in the spreadsheet that have not been covered.
  • One click validation Accelerate checking by validating blocks of cells and often entire spreadsheets using our advanced validation tools.
  • Summary Analysis View a snapshot of key metrics and properties for a spreadsheet including number of formulas, errors and a list of warnings.
  • Formula Analytics Detect and analyze a huge range of spreadsheet issues. Quickly identify and investigate problematic content issues.
  • Formula highlighting See at a glance if formulas are consistent or not. Use formula grouping and consistency checking to avoid having to check every cell.
  • Hidden Data Identify hidden data including hidden worksheets, cells and “white on white” formatting.
  • Comparison Reports Compare two different workbooks or run a comparison between two worksheets in a spreadsheet.
  • Documentation Automatically populate documentation with cell formulas and values.

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