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What we do

Effective Spreadsheet Management can reduce risk, cut costs and improve service levels.

Finsbury Solutions provides software, consultancy and training in all aspects of Spreadsheet Management. We work with companies that want to improve their spreadsheets processes or tackle spreadsheet risk. This includes:

Spreadsheet Management Technology

Our Spreadsheet and EUC Management Technology is designed to make spreadsheet and spreadsheet processes more robust and reliable. Key features include:

  • Spreadsheet and EUC register
  • Version control
  • Audit trails
  • Ability to robustly automate spreadsheet processes
  • Scalable processing of high volumes of spreadsheets
  • Built in data validation and error handling
  • Enterprise security
  • Flexible approval processes
  • Automated validation of spreadsheet logic.
Spreadsheet Validation and Auditing

Tools, training and methodology in spreadsheet validation and auditing. Including industry specialist areas such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11


Spreadsheet projects can be challenging. We provide the best practice methodology, expert consultancy and project management resources in all areas of spreadsheet management.


Spreadsheet control, spreadsheet audit and best practice development.

About us

Our management team has decades of experience in transforming business operations in a wide variety of industries. They understand the challenges that managers face and can offer practical solutions to business problems.

Formed in 2006 Finsbury has established itself as a premier supplier of spreadsheet management solutions to the financial services, pharmaceuticals and corporate sectors. With its acquisition of Compassoft, Finsbury further consolidated its market position and now provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of enterprise class spreadsheet and EUC control software.

Find out how Finsbury Solutions can quickly deliver improved spreadsheet and EUC control to your business.

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